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Co-Owner & Co-Founder

Yoga Instructor | Power Vinyasa & Yin yoga

I completed my 500 hour yoga teacher training at Vinyasa Yoga School in Rishikesh, India in 2017 and have been teaching ever since.

My personal practice started in Houston, Texas in 2009. I moved from different styles, including Hatha and Baptiste Power Vinyasa, but finally found Ashtanga Yoga in Chicago and have been practicing this style exclusively since 2018. 

I respect and honor the Ashtanga Yoga tradition of "parampara," where knowledge is imparted through the developing relationship between the teacher and the student. It is considered that this relationship, based on the genuineness of the teacher, and the respect which is not based on age or how old one looks, commitment, devotion and obedience of the student, is the best way for subtle or advanced knowledge to be conveyed.

I have studied with KPJAYI Authorized Level II teacher Todd Boman. I continue to study with KPJAYI Authorized Level II teachers Megan Drodz and Gordana Markovic. I feel blessed to have the ability to move my body through this challenging and spiritual practice. My time spent practicing Ashtanga Yoga gives me clarity and improves my mental focus.

In 2018, my husband and I opened Yoggic Yoga Center in Lakeview, Chicago, where we are constantly and organically creating a place where real connections and community are celebrated. We offer Ashtanga and Power Vinyasa, and in addition to the bulk of our classes, we offer Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga.

I received my Yin Yoga teacher certificate from the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in 2018. I really enjoy teaching Yin Yoga, and giving people the space and opportunity to explore their body in a deeper, more meditative and compassionate way.

My goal as a yoga teacher is to one day become authorized to teach Ashtanga Yoga by R. Sharath Jois, in Mysore, India, and be given the blessing to continue to teach this lineage exactly as it is taught at the source. 

When I am not practicing or teaching yoga, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two dogs, Charlie and Mia, I love cooking, learning about Ayurveda, running, traveling whenever we have the chance, reading, and watching Netflix series and documentaries.

I am fluent in Spanish and French, and I would love to learn Arabic one day - still TBD when :)


Yoga Instructor | Vinyasa

Rachel was a 9 to 5’er for almost 15 years, working a “just alright job” in Detroit. Inspired by an Eleanor Roosevelt quote (the essence of which is to do something that scares you), she decided life is too short and in 2010 left  her cubicle and headed to California for yoga teacher training.

Rachel hopes to offer yoga classes that are intelligently sequenced to be both nourishing and physically challenging, as she has found for herself that physical strength and focus lead to the mental counterpart of confidence and peace. She also recognizes the importance of bringing in balance and ease and how much can actually be gained through the act of letting go. She enjoys eating ice cream even on the coldest of winter days, is a huge fan of peanut butter and considers herself a sparkling water connoisseur.  She is happiest sharing a slow morning coffee, a trail hike, or simply a good laugh with her partner for life, Jim.


She considers it a privilege to share yoga with you and is excited to meet you on the mat!


Yoga Instructor | Vinyasa

Having spent the majority of her life living in New Hampshire, Caitlin has been a resident on Chicago since 2013. She did a search for yoga in Lakeview her first day in the city and truly hasn’t looked back. After leaving her career in social services, Caitlin continues to teach and advocate for others, now in a yoga setting. Caitlin is a firm believer that any one can do yoga, it’s a matter of finding what works for every specific person.

Additionally, Caitlin is a certified prenatal and postpartum yoga teacher and loves supporting mommas along their pregnancy journey. When not teaching yoga, Caitlin is spending time with her husband and friends, biking around the city, riling up people’s dogs, or trying new breweries and restaurants. 


Yoga Instructor | Restorative Yoga

Eurika Jankauskaite is a registered yoga teacher RYT and registered prenatal yoga teacher RPYT. She holds additional certifications in Pelvic Floor YogaTM, Restorative and Gentle Yoga. Eurika continues her education in the studies of yoga, seeking knowledge and inspiration from sports medicine doctors, movement educators and mature yoga teachers. 

Eurika’s dedication and passion for yoga flourished over the years and was inspired by her background in philosophy and cultural studies. With every return to the mat, the realization that this practice is a very profound discipline permeated her thinking. Yoga opened her to live her life with increased self-awareness, better physical and mental health. Her yoga mat has become a most trusted refuge from the challenges of a modern-day life. 

Eurika’s been teaching yoga since 2016. Her teaching style focuses on meeting the needs of a modern-day body by creating an adaptable practice in efficient, effective and sustainable ways. In her class you will find a strong emphasis on function and stability that will inform your movement choices, and better enable you to adapt the method or tradition of yoga you practice. 

Throughout the years of personal practice, Eurika has grown a keen affection for the practice of Restorative Yoga. She believes it to hold a sacred power to heal, to restore and to transform both body and mind.
Eurika’s intention as a yoga teacher is to create an inclusive and non-competitive space where students can empower themselves through the embodiment journey, whilst discovering the many treasures of this ancient practice for personal inner healing and growth on and off the mat.


Yoga Instructor | Power Vinyasa

Vicky has been practicing and teaching yoga for many years. Her personal practice is mostly Ashtanga, but she loves a good Power Vinyasa as well. She loves sharing her knowledge and passion for yoga, and she has been a Yoggic fan since our early days! Vicky is currently enrolled and set to complete her RYT-500 hour certification to further her knowledge on yoga philosophy, pranayama & meditation, yoga anatomy and the Ashtanga second series. She applies her knowledge, personal experience and the wisdom that she has gained over the years of her own dedicated practice into her teaching style. 


Yoga Instructor | Ashtanga Yoga

Jessica’s passion for yoga is rooted in an appreciation for the human body’s strength, resilience, and beauty. As a mother of four, former student of biology, and dance dilettante, Jessica appreciates how yoga is a holistic, therapeutic modality. She believes that every student has innate potential, and she appreciates how the practice of yoga embraces all who wish to explore a deeper connection to themselves. Jessica teaches Ashtanga Yoga, a traditional, method-based system, and encourages students to develop a consistent practice that serves them well beyond the mat.

Jessica’s dedication to the practice and teaching of Ashtanga Yoga was inspired in 2017 when she began attending led and Mysore-style classes. She recalls feeling strangely compelled to further explore the nuances of a traditional, method-based practice, and bean to teach led classes shortly thereafter. After receiving her RYT-200 from Amara Yoga & Arts in Urbana, she and her family relocated to Chicago, where she continues to teach and practice Ashtanga Yoga. Jessica maintains a dedicated, 6 day per week practice under the direction of her esteemed teacher, Todd Boman.


Jessica traveled to Mysore, India, the birthplace of Ashtanga Yoga, in February of 2019 and again in December 2019. Upon completing months of intensive study with Pramaguru Sharath Jois, she returns to Chicago, fortified by a personal connection to the lineage; a profound devotion to the practice; and an ever-long enthusiasm for teaching Ashtanga Yoga.


Yoga Instructor | Power Vinyasa

The art of yoga came to me when I moved to Chicago and needed to a find a community to call home. I began my 200-hour power yoga teacher training (2017) with little to no yoga experience and discovered a newly found interest in the power of healing through mind and body.

For me, yoga is about showing up on your mat as your most authentic self, while focusing on physical strength, flexibility, and breath. I believe and respect that the art of practicing yoga starts within you and forever builds as something ever-growing. My classes combine this philosophy while curating a Baptiste Power Vinyasa style, which will leave you feeling authentic, strong, and open to self-inquiry.


Yoga Instructor | Power Vinyasa

I started practicing yoga in Nashville while I was swimming in college, and I loved the space it created in my body. I discovered Baptiste Yoga shortly after and was hooked not just to the physical intensity of the practice, but the mental clarity and connection I felt leaving my mat. I did my first 200-hour teacher training in the winter of 2018 and began teaching immediately after. I loved teaching the physical part of yoga, but realized I also wanted to share how the practice had impacted my life in a bigger way.


I attended Level One in February 2019 and completed a 300-hour training with Baptiste Power Yoga Nashville later that year. I love the power of ujjayi breath and true north alignment, but my favorite part about teaching is seeing people transform and step into their strength and power!


Yoga Instructor | Power Vinyasa

My yoga journey began in 2012 during college with a hot yoga class. I remember it all to well, it was hot, sweaty, messy and I was instantly hooked. Fast forward to 2017, I moved to Houston and discovered BIG Power Yoga. It was at BIG that I would complete my 200HR teacher training and discover Baptiste Yoga. Then in the summer of 2018, I relocated to Chicago and found Yoggic, being the only Baptiste affiliate in the area, I knew this was the place I wanted to be. It has been through yoga that I have found personal transformation and it is in my yoga classes that aim to hold space for others to discover a transformation of their own.


Additionally, I have completed the Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Course, Baptiste Assisting Course and 40 Days to Personal Revolution Facilitation Program through the Baptiste Institute.