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Dear Yoggic Community,
As Chicago moves into Phase 4 of the reopening process, which permits indoor group classes, we’re excited to share some news and studio updates with you all. We have missed you all dearly, and we can’t wait to see your smiling faces walking through our doors. 
First off, although we are officially allowed to reopen on Friday June 26th, we have decided to wait until Monday July 6th to do so. This will give us sufficient time to prepare the studio for you and make sure everything goes smoothly. Your safety and the safety of our teachers and staff is our number one priority. 
Thank you so much for your patience and your support (both moral and financial) during these challenging months. We will be forever grateful! July 9th is our 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY and we can’t wait to celebrate with you! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.
Thank you for completing our reopening questionnaire and giving your generous feedback. The information you provided really helped us create a plan that we hope will empower what is important to you, our community. 
Please read the following information carefully and please reach out to us with any questions.
Updated Studio Policy:

  • In-studio class size capped at 14 students.

  • All yoga mats will be 6 feet apart. We have placed markings on the ground where you will place your yoga mat. 

  • You will be required to wear a face covering at all times while inside the studio & practice room. Exceptions can be made for students with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from safely wearing a face covering.

  • For the time being classes will not be heated.

  • For the time being we will not provide hands-on assisting.

  • Both practice room doors will remain open during practice.

  • There will not be any equipment rentals: yoga mats, yoga mat towels, sweat towels, bath towels. Please plan to bring your own equipment.

  • All props will be removed from the practice room: blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters. Please plan to bring your own props for your practice.

  • Teacher will wear a face covering and remain standing in the SW corner of the practice room and teach from there. There will be a 6 feet distance between the teacher and any student.

  • Strict 5-minute late arrival policy. You will not be allowed to enter the practice room 5 minutes into practice.

  • All students must fill out a waiver prior to each class. We will have hard copies available at the studio. We will have plenty of single use “clean” pens for you. 

  • We will check your temperature on your forehead upon entering the studio. If your temperature is above 100.4 degrees, you won’t be allowed to stay in the studio.

  • For the time being, the showers in the locker rooms won’t be available. No exceptions.

  • Please limit your personal belongings to only the “essentials.”

 Updated Schedule:
Effective Monday June 29th our schedule will change. There will be 3 types of classes offered: Virtual, In Studio/Livestream and Outdoor.


  • Virtual: Same virtual class you have been taking with us until now. 

  • In Studio/Livestream: These are the in-studio classes with a 14 student capacity. These classes will be “Livestreamed” allowing other students to simultaneously join class from their home. You will see two time slots in Mindbody, and you will be able to choose between coming in to the studio, or taking class from home. Remember – In-studio won’t start until Monday July 6th. STRICT NO-SHOW/LATE CANCELLATION POLICY WILL APPLY TO ALL IN-STUDIO RESERVATIONS.

  • Outdoor: Same outdoor class you have been taking with us until now. We will now offer 7 outdoor classes weekly – please be sure to check the location before registering. All outdoor classes are weather permitting. STRICT NO-SHOW/LATE CANCELLATION POLICY WILL APPLY TO ALL OUTDOOR RESERVATIONS.

We can’t really say THANK YOU enough for sticking with us through these challenging times. We love you guys, and we are looking forward to the day when we can hug you all again!!
See you soon on the mat!
Gerard, Jesus & the Yoggic Team.