To book your private class:

  • Email with Format and Time Requests.

  • Formats available:

    • Power Vinayasa (60mins / 90mins).​

    • Yin Yoga (60mins / 90mins).

    • Flow & Restore: Power Yoga & Yin Yoga (60mins / 90mins).

    • Virtual, Outdoor or one on one in studio. 

"For a woman in her mid-fifties to try Yoga for the first time can be quite challenging, if you add to that doing it online, then it becomes very difficult, unless you have an instructor like Jesus. I took some private sessions with Jesus, he guided me through all the poses making sure I was doing it correctly, helped me with the flow and the breath. With patience and kindness, he built my strength to first being able to do a perfect chaturanga dandasana, not once but during the whole class, then being able to do a yoga wheel, and finally today a crow pose. Thank you Jesus, I don’t think anyone could have made me love Yoga the way you have, I am hook forever!!!! You are, simply, THE BEST!!!! If anyone wants to really see results in yoga, private sessions with Jesus are the way to go." - Carmen

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