3110 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, USA

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"Perfect Monday class! Challenging and heat-building while also not moving at such a rapid pace that it was exhausting."

"Jesus will never give you an easy yoga session, but he WILL deepen your practice and have you leaving stronger and more grounded. He is firm but kind and so willing to help and encourage! I can’t say I love this place enough."

"What a lovely human! Great class. Challenged me in an awesome way."

"Great class and a very kind and welcoming instructor. The Yin restore was like a time warp that made the class feel so short but it really was an hour. Place also had a great vibe and atmosphere, with very friendly desk staff as well. "

"I LOVE this studio, you walk in and feel welcome, they address you by your name. Not like other power yoga studios. This place is a sanctuary!"

"Instructor was very attentive to form and technique. Made an effort to assist each person in class and spent time going over proper form for newer students."